Monday, September 30, 2013

So... let's see what I did with all

that fall stuff from my attic that I shared last week....
 [sorry about the light glare --]
 We've always LOVED Halloween -
and all the good clean - dress-up - and get goodies - fun of it all!
Back in the day when the boys were younger we had a blast!
 And I still like to have a little fun with it all -
These days I get the fall decor out only once - 
I try to lay the foundation for Thanksgiving and 
then put the Halloween on top -
That way I can just put it away quickly and 
still enjoy the goodness of fall throughout the season
... and I do love fall!
[The Halloween garland will be replaced with fall trees,
the candy corn  and the trick or treat art will be removed
and the pumpkins stay out until Christmas goes up.]
I still love the litltle candle cover / wrap I made last year
[Happy Fall Y'all with a paper pieced tree - cute] with just one pumpkin 
on our end tables in the den.
 And here's our mantle before I got the fall stuff out -
And after - 
you can see that I covered the mirror with the chalkboard 
that was hanging in the foyer -- propped up on some milk glass --
The pumpkin art and silver tray are propped on the chalkboard ledge...
The Wicked Witch [from the internet] engineer print is from Staples [18x24 for less than $2] 
and the banner is a kit from Stampin' Up - 
[both new additions this year]
Can I say how much I hate stenciling? 
But after I cleaned it up with my paint brushes
I really like how it turned out - says: happy FALL y'all -
It will stay up all season 
[I'll change the wicked witch to a family print.]
Here's the top of the wardrobe before:
 and after -
you can see that I move things around from place to place --
And one thing I can say with surety - 
Next year it will all look completely different...
 Here's our little drop-leaf table for spring and summer - 
 and after fall decor is out --
The little witch hat on the pumpkin and the bird cage are both 
circled in a purple and black feather boa...
The chalkboard pumpkin is hanging directly over the star...
This year I didn't think I'd buy / make anything new...
but I lied. 
I picked up this little pumpkin chalkboard 
[YES - I admit I'm fully embracing this chalkboard craze] 
for less than $5 at WalMart - will change it up for Thanksgiving...
 And you can see that it takes a few adjustments before I get to the final product - 
Another favorite witch's hat has covered the cheery little photo of Craig and me...
-- I can't guarantee that it won't change again before the end of the month... ha.
[Still thinking I may print some Halloween photos of the boys
and put them some 5x5 black frames I have...

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Gloria Lansford said...

I have a hard time with Halloween. Enough said.