Monday, August 12, 2013

This is our third year [fourth?]

to do the World’s Longest Yard Sale – always in the heat of August…
But Remember – I’m EMBRACING the heat this year 
[well, not so much since I went to 
This year we thought we’d take along Wendell [the RV] 
and EmmaLou [the tiny dog.] 
And it was good – and bad. Good, because we had SO MUCH ROOM – 
and bad, well… because we had so much room – ha. 
I think we stayed within the budget though….
I’ve posted on FB our Four Rules of [world’s longest] Yardsaling… 
1. Only say YES if you’re considering stopping – no ‘Nos’ and no ‘that looks good, etc.’ [This eliminates driver confusion and avoids frustrations / conflicts. Truly.] 
2. No backing up – the yard sale line is usually so [unbelievably!] congested that it’s almost impossible to find a turn-a-round to make it back to something you passed by... Also, this rule usually prevents [potential] buyers [I-So-Wanted-That] remorse…  
3. Never eat vendor food – I’ve share before that people [common – everyday – you-don’t-know-how-clean-they-might-be -  people] set up food stands of BBQ, pinto beans, cornbread, cakes, pies, ETC!!!!! all along the way – We want to enjoy the weekend so we try to avoid food poisoning at all costs. [smile] And -
4. Never veer off the main yard sale highway – some people set up signs along the way enticing you go a mile or two or three off the yard sale line – these take up valuable time and are usually just not worth the effort. [Clothes piled in a front yard? No, thank you.]
 But we broke a couple this go ‘round – We had some of the best fresh corn – EVAH – and figured it was safe enough since there was nothing added to it… But we went a step further and had some yummy homemade ice cream too… you know, once you break a rule it’s easier to stretch it again… 
But I’m happy to report there were no ill effects.
And we broke Rule #2 too. [It’s a slippery slope once you start breaking rules…] Here’s the thing, we’d just commented about the lack of ‘finds’ we’d had for the things I love the most: vintage corelle, milk glass, and vintage gliders, when, oops – we just drove right past some… So around we turned…and while these are not powder-coated [the way we have ours restored] they were just too gorgeous to pass up. We’d never seen the pattern before – do you think it’s a true basket weave? Round basket weave?
And okay, I’ll admit that we currently have a set of pie pattern [glider, rocker, & chair], a [square] basket weave glider, a couple of sliders [lattice and pie,] and a wonderful wedding ring glider [restored] and chair[un-restored.] 
I should do a complete blog post on them. Ha. 
All that to say we were committed to 
admiring not acquiring 
until we saw these chairs…
Here’s the rest of the goodies we picked up along the way --- 
A cute pear shaped cheese keeper 
[I plan to put the bottom on a candlestick to make it a pedestal,] 
a fun little phone book from the 60s [?] that teaches you how to 
 a wonderful wooden serving tray that folds up 
[I’ve wanted one of these for a while – originally from World Market,] 
a standing chalkboard [one side is AWFUL] – 
it will be updated with a little black chalkboard paint, 
[3] milk glass lamps [two match, but I like the third one best] – 
I’ll use these with some globes from my mom’s house, 
a metal bird cage,
another milk glass mixing bowl,
and a set of ladies’ luncheon dishes [with a teardrop pattern] – 
Who knows why I’ve always been drawn to these… the hubs asked what I planned to do with them, and I said that I guessed I’d have to host a ladies’ luncheon! He also got the coke crates and a couple of motor like things [lol]
All in all a fun day of observing people, places, and things. 
LOVE having time with my sweetie when we’re out and about together!
We're already planning for next year!

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I always enjoy seeing what you find at "the sale" =) The chairs make a good addition to your (growing) collection!