Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Pinterest Challenge

#3 - or #4 [if you count the vinegar / salt weed killer solution - ha. 
[It works.]
Or maybe, #5 - if you throw in the Listerine / vinegar foot soak - 
Yes. We tried it [both of us.]
It works too... 
But I've read that a good Epsom salt soak works just as well -
Will try that one soon!
  But here's a new decor trend I've been seeing 'round the internet that's all the rage -
And I'm loving all the cute little chalkboards I’m seeing everywhere these days! 
One of my favorite aunts has a GIANT [school-size] chalkboard in 
a hallway in her house. 
I have fond memories of playing with it as a child 
– and now her gr-grandchildren have the opportunity to draw on it too. 
[Photo taken by my cousin's daughter-in-law.]
I’ve always wanted one just like it – but, honestly,
 I don’t have a place for one that big… 
So I set that idea aside… until I started seeing this re-newed interest in 
chalkboards, and chalkboard paint , and chalkboard art… 
And honestly – I've had a couple of chalkboards around [kitchen and camper] for a while now… But while thrifting a few weeks back I found the little beauty above
 [photo at top]
and instantly grabbed it 
[$5 – hello?!?] – I didn’t love the green color so much… 
Bought some spray on chalkboard paint and walaa – LOVE it. 
I considered painting the outside red – but I really like the worn look of it…
  I also wanted a cute little chalk-board ‘sign’ for photos, menus, etc. 
 But [you know me] I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it – 
there’s LOTS of really cute ones out there!! 
Instead, I picked up a little piece of art at Hobby Lobby on sale for $13 and 
worked the magic that only spray paint can do.
[Painted the frame white and the inside - wooden - with blackboard paint.]
This is permanent - I did it with the sharpie paint pen.
[Tip: Print your quote, rub the back with white chalk, flip it over {placing it exactly where you want it on the board} and trace it with a pencil {I used the top tip of a paint brush,] then remove the paper and outline / fill-in the words with a paint pen - the tutorial I read said use a white colored pencil - I think I like the paint pen better.]
I'll admit that it took me three tries to get this the way I wanted it to look 
[again, the beauty of spray paint] 
since I couldn't get the words large enough to fit the space...
Looking forward to some cute photo ops with it.


Linda Matthews said...

Great idea for showers, parties and cook-outs!

Omaloriann said...

Love it.