Monday, June 24, 2013

Honestly, I've been pretty miserable

most of this week - I have bone spurs in my neck. 
[Just keeping it real, folks -]
Doctors say any trauma might have caused them -- 
Probably the wreck we had about 30 years ago when we flipped end over end 8 - 10 times 
[the reason I still refuse to ride any amusement ride that falls forward..] 
So anyway, last weekend I worked around the house from 
sun up to sundown for several days, and threw in the fun moon pie festival,
 and I honestly could hardly move by Monday morning. 
Felt like I'd been run over by a truck... 
But enough of that! [Ibuprofen is a miracle drug.] 
I'm feeling SO MUCH better. 
And that's nice since we had some fun times planned with family and friends -- 
 Enjoyed our local [free] picnic in the park with good friends 
[I'll share more about it all in a few weeks -] 
But I will say the food was good
 and the bands were fun 
- but a little loud and interfered with our visiting!
Next time we'll move a little further back - lol
... and it's AMAZING that it never rained on us!
 We also had a really great day when my family came to visit 
and we enjoyed some of Craig's yummy fish - 
Truly -- he can cook some fish!
He had a little helper -- 
And we had fun time just visiting and hanging out - 
visiting together -
And loved sharing 'campfire' time and 
s'mores with our youngest member of the family
[there was lots of bubble fun too!]
She's cutie-pie, that's for sure!
It was a good day - had been far too long since we'd had time together
  with no agenda.
Very nice.
And for those who didn't get the memo - 
we were playing tilt-a-head 
so that each successive photo would look different - lol
{Much thanks to Kelly for some of these photos!}
-- I'll be sharing more details about the day
later on in the summer ---

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Linda Matthews said...

Judy, you look good as ever!!