Monday, June 17, 2013

Quick Post.

Busy week. 
 I cleaned up the flower beds out back, added just a few plants, and have declared WAR on the weeds - finally broke down and bought some PREEN.  Also used the vinegar salt solution that's on pinterest - and it did pretty well in specific a spots -  but the PREEN? You just throw it out there and it knows what to kill and what to keep. 
 So glad we opened the fence up to include the firepit - 
and LOVE the gate Craig fashioned for that area!
He also worked on a little deck and plumbing  for his outdoor sink - 
[photos coming!]
So fun, we're going to love using it.
I also worked in the garden - garden. Am SOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED that the birds got every single blueberry before I could get them covered... And the chipmunks / rabbits / critters have decided they love banana peppers more than ever!
 But I'm loving the little famf dragon flies that 
have decided to call my garden their home...
- Still loving my camera too - 
[Almost makes all the travel worth it when that big mileage check comes in - lol.]
We've worked hard all weekend, but did take some time to play - went to the 
{RC &} Moon Pie Festival in Bell Buckle, TN. 
A wonderful small town festival full of arts and crafts and unique little shops - 
 and of course RCs and Moon Pies...
 In other news - I got too much sun on my back and feel sure it will peel - got my hair trimmed [and colored much too dark -] and my neck is achy [gotta love when those bone spurs rear their ugly little heads - ha.] 
But I know I'm blessed to be able to get 'er done.
Have a great week, y'all! 
We've got some fun things planned these next few weeks with friends and family  - 
Then it's the [not so big] 
BIG wedding! 
I'm going to try to pre-post some things -
 but  I may not be updating as often as I normally do - 
See you 'round!

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