Monday, June 3, 2013

I posted on FaceBook the other day

that I felt like I'd gone over to the dark side -
- a little super-zoom compact camera - 
And I've always [only] ever had Canons in my hands - 
except for the 24 hours I had a sony... ha.
And I said, the jury is still out on this one - it has a 15 day return - 
but after playing with it this weekend I think it's a keeper ---
You know it's time for a new camera when your phone [at 10 pixels] 
takes a better photo than your go-to camera 
[at a whopping SIX pixels - trust me, it was 'all that' back in its day.] 
This one has  EIGHTEEN!!
It's much like the little powershot I've had for years - 
even has the rotating view-finder that I love so much!
I'm not a fan of DSL - Y'all know I RARELY shoot manual 
and I have no desire to carry around a bunch of lenses -
[I did plenty of that back in the 35mm days...]
And why should I, when I can go from this:
to this:
 [seriously -]
And this:
 to this:
 Pretty neat, isn't it?
And -- it'll do THIS:
 a 180* shot [or 360*] - fun - 
I stopped it before it was finished - 
Still learning, you know - 
And yes, we went camping this weekend...
[Already have some ideas as to how I can use this - FULL WEDDING PARTY, anyone?
And I LOVE the back light feature -- 
It takes a photo from this:
to this --
And the night portrait feature:
[Having these two visit us for the evening was extra nice!
It was almost nine p.m. when this was taken.]
Finally - there's lots of editing features too - 
Like the fish eye:
[Such an attractive photo - ha.]
And the painting:
How FUN is that?!?
Note: I received no compensation for sharing this information -
I just love a great camera!
[Of course, like all new technology - 
there's a learning curve and some things I'll have to adjust to - 
but like I said earlier... I think it's a keeper!]

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jniathome said...

I have a daughter getting married July 6th. If you want to practice feel free to come. She has hired a photographer (friend of family) but you are come practice with your new camera!!! I want to do those candid shots, but as mother of the bride I guess I will be busy. HA.