Friday, May 31, 2013

I used to have

a little notepad with Maxine’s photo on it 
that looked something like this –
And a friend and I used to share a laugh that while, 
yes, we do have strong opinions,
we don’t always think others have to share them.
I believe everyone’s entitled to their own opinions…
And yet, God has helped me to realize recently that there might be times when I voice my opinion so strongly
[yes, I’ve been told I’ve from the Blunt Family]
that some might feel that I’m judging their decisions 
or lifestyle or preferences…
their way of life… 
 and I’m NOT talking the BIG STUFF 
like I know some of you are thinking... 
  [Although, I’m sure there are people who feel like I’m judging them in those areas when I stand firmly for my beliefs…]
I’m talking about the everyday choices we all make…
And honestly, if I’m judging them, I surely don’t mean to be – 
I truly believe everyone has the 
freedom to choose 
how they live their lives 
and I hope [so very much]that 
my opinions 
would not make them feel as if they are being judged 
when they choose differently… I believe everyone has the freedom to follow their heart -
 So The Lord and I are working on this 
[I’m so thankful for a 
wonderful loving God 
who shows me my faults 
and guides me through chnages!] 
I’m trying so hard to be AWARE of my words 
and how they might be heard – 
And I’m trying so hard to be INTENTIONAL in my 
thoughts and conversations 
so that I can focus on the good…
And for whatever reason – 
I felt the need to share this with you – 
We all have issues to work on – 
and we’re all still growing [always] 
as we go through life… 
I hope to continuing growing - 
 and I truly hope that if my opinion is different  
we can still be friends -

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