Monday, May 6, 2013

I've been so very busy at work,

and it's been one of those weeks when something came up that needed 
A TON of attention 
and just one day later it seemed like it'd been four or five already --- such a long week..
And I finally gave into the sinus yuck and went in to the doctor and got some meds - 
should have done it earlier -
 but I thank the Lord for whoever invented / discovered antibiotics 
[oh, and the yeast pill too - ha.]
I know - TMI.
My weekend was planned full too - 
With plans to be in Georgia all weekend with an on-line friend 
who'd gifted me a scrapbook retreat
- but alas, after driving 4 hours to get there, I find my friend so sick 
that her husband is on his way to pick her up - 
please say a prayer for her - 
haven't heard from her, 
but am thinking it was either gall bladder or appendicitis...
UPDATE - I talked with her today -

Pancreatitis  -
 Please continues to keep her in your prayers - 
she hopes to get out of the hospital on Wednesday.
I stayed overnight and worked on some art journals things and 
a big painting that needed some more layers put on it -
[I'll share that with you soon enough -]
Then I drove back home early Saturday morning - 
So, yes, a very short trip with eight hours on the road...
in the rain - yay -
But I decided to look for the good - the fun, as I drove on those mountain roads...
and wanted to share some of the things I saw along the way -
   First of all - some of the most gorgeous ORANGE azaleas I've very seen! 
And wonderful buildings made of marble in Tate, Georgia -
the marble capitol of the world.
Who knew?
Apple Orchards and Apple Houses 
ALL OVER the North Georgia Mountain area - 
Again, who knew?
And at least ten armadillos 
belly-up along one stretch of highway...
Did the water get them?
And lastly, a goat on someone's front porch -
there may have been two...
And no, I'm not crazy enough to stop and take photos of all these things
- these photos came from the internet...
And I guess searching them out shows 
a different kind of crazy altogether - .
Have a good week y'all.
Oops! I forgot one -
the praying mantis mailbox -
and, I seriously believe that this photo I found on the internet 
is the exact mailbox I saw -

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Gloria L. said...

Love the goat! Where was the retreat?