Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm still trying to get things

organized in my ‘new’ office so my work can ‘flow’ easily –
This L-shaped built in desk keeps throwing me off! For the last six months or so I’ve been moving things around [over & over] in an attempt to find what works for me… 
[Add to that the fact that I still had boxes setting out holding the bulletin board at eye-height until I could get it on the wall – ha] 
I first brought in a TV tray to set to the left to help with the work-flow 
and soon realized it was not big enough…
Side note – back in the day when I first started work and they gave me this GREAT-BIG desk I remember thinking – WHAT ON EARTH do I need that much space for? – ha – Well, I soon found out…
Back to the present - 
I finally decided that I needed something a little bigger
to keep some files on – 
Enter this little mid-century piece I found next door at the Salvation Army.
I scooped it up and took it home to quickly cover in a coat of paint –
I added texture with a little newspaper on the drawers
[to match the potted plant and bulletin board already in my office -]
Then I scraped some off to give it an old worn look, and, wa-la –
I love it.
It helps clear off the skinny little work space near my computer keyboard to give me space for the task at hand – and I think it’s the perfect compliment to the white bulletin board.

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Gloria L. said...

It looks terrific!