Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How can it be the middle of May already?!?!

Another week has whizzed by –
And I’ve missed the Monday Musings deadline yet again –
so I’m playing catch-up – 
This will be short and sweet –
  I’ve settled on a dress for the mother of the groom –
I think --
sneak peak here:
[I could still change my mind,
so don’t hold me to it – ha…]
My counties spoil me –
this was the snack waiting for me during a county visit
– yum.
I’ve painted some this week –
this one for our sweet administrative assistant that is retiring
And this one for one of my on-line classes…
starting a painting with white - fun!
 [This was my first try -
I like the second try best -]
I ate cauliflower out of my garden one evening –
... we enjoyed time with our boys…
And finally – I’m happy to report that I’ve ordered my albums for the great scrapbook re-do. [I’ll share more on that soon!]

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