Monday, March 4, 2013

So, we had a great week...

hope you did too!
This was the week for our State Social Work Conference --  
and I love that I can get a ton of Continuing Ed Credits while being at the beach!
Sunrise on The Gulf is one of my all-time favorite things!!
How can I not feel God's Majesty when I see this?
[Another day --] 
Craig went along with me and worked while I was in the workshops 
[some good ones too!] and we enjoyed eating at our favorite places 
[Shrimp Basket & Tacky Jacks] as well as a couple of new ones - 
Gotta love a place where you make your own cocktail sauce - 
[they had little buckets with packages of horseradish for each table.]
 And we enjoyed shopping at our favorite little spot in Orange Beach -- 
it's full of all the fun - quirky beachy stuff you could ever need! 
 Including fun-peel&stick-nails - lol - 
My review: they felt weird on - but lasted through a couple of showers... 
Might try again with some without glitter...
 Loved looking out at the white sands of The Gulf each day -   
But I won't lie - it was cold this year - we walked on the beach a few times, 
but mostly enjoyed it from a far... 
 We took one afternoon to drive up to Point Clear to walk around a bit at 
The Grand Hotel [originally built in 1847]
 I was so happy to see the azaleas in bloom - 
They're one of the things I miss most about  the years we lived in Mobile -
 But I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in The Grand -- 
Of course, I know it's been re-built more than once through the years -  
But I was expecting a nice big Victorian style building 
with acres of lawn leading out to the Bay...
and, well, it wasn't. Ha.
Still, it was fun to visit...
But it's always nice to get back home too.


Suzi said...

It was fun to read about the sunrise over the ocean. Here on the West Coast, we watch the sunset. I've always told my DH that when things get to out of hand, just take me over and plant me on a rock and let me watch the sunset over the Monterey Bay. It always reminds me Who is in charge. It's not me. :o)

Jean said...

What beautiful photos!