Friday, March 1, 2013

I made a special little dinner

for Valentine's Day -
The truth is - that while I enjoy cooking a good meal - 
I don't cook a whole lot these days...
But in our effort to eat healthier [and lower in salt] foods 
we have eaten at home much more these last few months...
Combine that with my attraction [ha] to pinterest  
and I had to pull together a sweet little Valentine's Dinner.
So I picked up this little pie-maker at Target a couple of weeks ago - 
My first intention was to try and use it for heart-shaped ravioli - 
but for a couple of reasons 
[we had Italian a day or so earlier and 
I didn't realize I'd have to allow an hour for the pasta to dry a bit - ha]
I changed to little chicken pot pies...
And let's be honest - I'm MUCH more of a preparer than a cook
- tis true.
So I was able to pull this little dinner off in a quick and easy way
starting with refrigerated pie crust...
And a filling made with canned chicken, a can of veg-all [both well-drained] 
and 1/2 can of cream of mushroom soup.
The pie press was VERY easy to use and I popped out six little pies 
in no time at all from one package of [double] pie crust. 
I used 2 teaspoons per pie and had filling left over.
While these were baking [350* for 20 minutes or so ---] 
I pulled together a favorite little salad of mine 
[first time to make it at home - easy peasy!] 
Arugula + a small can of sliced beets [well-drained] 
+ goat cheese + balsamic vinaigrette
= YUM.
Add in a couple of slices of red velvet cake 
[don't buy the whole cake or you'll eat it all! LOL] 
- $2.50 for two slices --
 and it's a complete meal.
[And I think I could live on this salad for days --]


Grandma Jean said...

yaedis 129
Sounds very yummy and looks delicious. Love the heart shape of the pie.

Jean said...

Well, how sweet is that! Looks so cute and sounds delicious!

billiejo said...

Oh my, this sounds wonderful! I love the simplicity of the filling and am now thinking I need to give this a try. Thanks Judy!