Monday, February 4, 2013

We're in a routine

here at our house... get up - go to work - come home - get dinner - 
work on projects - watch ncis - go to bed - start over...ha. 
So this week I've tried to be more AWARE of the little bits of joy all around me - 
Starting with Frank - 
[Why do I feel the need to name the wild animals in my yard?]
Back story: a few weeks ago I noticed bird droppings on the table on our patio. 
Why on earth would birds be hanging out under our patio cover? 
Then I saw Frank - we've had A TON of rain this winter 
and it looks like he's found the perfect spot to hang out and stay dry.
And you know what? 
He's just too pretty to brush away... 
so  I guess I'll be putting newspaper down on the table for easy clean-up.
Pinterest  Project for the Week: Blowing up Ivory Soap [bar] in the microwave. 
Fun. But useless. 
However, my friend Kim suggested it would be perfect for 'snow' on a Christmas tree....
Here's a couple of thrift store finds - this first one we've had a while. [$5 at Goodwill.] But it needed cleaning up a bit before I showed it - and we also needed to go through every possible combination of  3 numbers to be able to open it -
Oops - real life photo - dishes in the sink. LOL
I have three of these now [sold the red one] - a REALLY old one {holds my paint these days}, an old one {holds my clear stamps} and this one; not-so-old {still open for assignment.}
It appears to have been previously used by a theater student.
Craig found this piece of milk glass this week -  it's one of those little ladies luncheon plates that originally had a little cup to go with it [I usually see the pyrex / corelle ones in antique stores and have no idea what they're officially called.] 
I love that it's shaped like a tree and has little apples on it.
Here's the back of it. ZAKKA. I'm using it on my art table as a paint pallet.
Here's a photo of mantle for February - 
I'm working on a couple of additions - we'll see if they turn out.. 
[oops - may need to take a photo when I have sunlight coming in through the windows --]
And lastly, Marmalade has been visiting us nightly 
- always very hungry and wanting us to love on her. 
ALthoug, she doesn't LOVE being held - can you tell
 But we never see her during the day - it's a mystery.
And, I must share THAT TODAY IS THE DAY THAT WE CAN PARK IN THE LOT IN FRONT OF OUR BUILDING!! No more walking three blocks each way... no more taking extra shoes to walk through the muck... no more freezing for ten minutes  in the rain, sleet, and snow, and 20* winds. And, while it's not the parking garage I grew to know and love - I'll take it. Yippee.

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Gloria L. said...

Love the cat photo! Have a happy week!