Monday, February 11, 2013

We enjoyed $ Sushi Night last week -

– always delish.
And more randomness ---
And I made MORE Amish Friendship Bread – have just realized that this is different from the starter I used to swap back-in-the-day with friends – that we called Herman… and made sour dough bread with… may have to get some of that – lol… [Honestly – after baking three batches of this stuff I’m a little tired of it – lol.]
I’m excited to get back in The Word with a regular Bible Study, thanks to a great group of gals who welcomed me into their weekly study. We’re doing Nehemiah with Kelly Mintor. Y’all know I’m not a history lover – but there’s always life truths to be learned when I study God’s word, so – so far, so good.
 This was the last one - 
I hardly drink soda at all - seriously, maybe one diet pepsi a month. But I don't judge, because, back-in-the-day I easily drank 12 or more a day - It's how I survived grad school and working 40 hours a week [well that, and the sweetest husband in the world!] 
But I DO LOVE THE DIET CRANBERRY SPLASH and this little bit of goodness has been sitting in the back of the fridge waiting on me...
 On another note – I’ve worn every thing in my [winter] closet of clothes. How do I know this? Well I put a bright orange Grissom Band shirt at the beginning of my closet in mid- October and as I’ve worn things I’ve replaced them in front of this shirt – and, wa-laa – it’s at the end of the rack. Yay. Do any of y’all do this? It’s a good way to keep up with seldom-worn items [that might need to be donated.] Speaking of clothes… am thinking it’s time to look for new jeans since I can pull the ones I have on & off without unbuttoning or unzipping. A good thing, really. 
[photo to be added later --]
Went to another Scrapbook Retreat this weekend – and who am I kidding – they are more like crafting retreats for me, since I usually take my paints and / or a bigger project to work on throughout the weekend… I had a great time. I’ve done a few of these at different locations this past year and while I’ve had a blast, I’ll probably be more selective in choosing which ones I attend in the future. [ – Mostly due to accommodations – NOT THE FRIENDLY GALS THAT ARE ALWAYS THERE.] I mean, MY GOODNESS, there’s a crafting group getting together somewhere Every. Single. Weekend!!! And while I may enjoy getting together with different groups I just can’t do it all – and even one every couple of months is too much for me – lol. I’m a “home---body”. Or maybe more of a “if I’m traveling I want to be with my sweetie---body”. Ha. 
And lastly, after having little EmmaLou live with us for almost two years I’ve finally accepted that I might, indeed, be allergic to her. I was sneezing like a crazy woman within ten minutes of being home yesterday, and I’ve notice small whelps where she scratches me when we play… going to be more diligent about taking my zyrtec and see if that resolves some of it… I’m managing now though [i.e. – she’s not going anywhere.]

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