Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Heirloom?

Well, maybe not, by definition - ha.
I doubt these shoes [on the left] will be passed down to anyone else in the family, 
but they have served me well [both in and out of style] for the last 30+ years!!!
Alas, they're getting a little worn these days -  
the insides are pulling out and driving me crazy just a bit.
And while I'd considered replacing them a year or so ago, 
I couldn't find anything in the same style -  
and, I love them still - 
so it wasn't a top priority.
But, I passed the new ones [on sale 75%!!!] 
on my way to pick up some make-up the other night,
 and realized it was time.
They are almost EXACTLY the same!!!
And they feel PERFECT on my foot!! 
 So the good ole shoes bought in Provo, Utah [ZCMI?] way back in 1977 will be retired.
[I can't bear to throw them away - haHAha.]

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