Friday, February 1, 2013

Here's a quick little project

I've been working on to hold my earrings, and maybe a necklace or two...
It will hang in the bathroom so I can quickly grab a pair and head out the door.
[I've tried several things and have not been happy with them.]
I picked up this little bird cage hook a few weeks back. 
[Hobby Lobby - half price.]
So cute. [Zakka?]
And I gathered piece of discarded screen and cut a piece to fit "inside" the bird cage 
[I gave it a good coat of paint - I'm loving kyrlon's glossy white right now.] 
I bent it and pushed it in to match the curve of the cage 
and used the ends to overlap just a bit to hold it all together.
 Then I painted a piece of wood those gorgeous blues I use so much 
[and added some stamping to the top - 
my newest favorites are the rolly ones from Stampin' Up. 
So easy to just roll across my mixed media work - and lots of fun patterns too!]
I attached the birdcage to the wood with a clear push pin 
so I can lift it on and off.
I rarely wear earrings with backs on them, 
but want to be able to secure them on from the back, if needed.
It's not perfect - but it's functional, and gives me a little happy.
And, like I said before, 
nothing wrong with adding a little happy into our lives now and then...
How do you store your earrings?

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BethW said...

I love bird age anything.I saw this at HObby Lobby but never thought using wire mesh to close it in-brilliant!