Monday, November 19, 2012

Let the Holidays Begin!

And, let's throw in a graduation for good measure!
[More on THAT in a few weeks!] 
Exciting times!
I enjoyed being a part of the
By-Hand Boutique
over the weekend - a sweet gathering of crafters / artists with gorgeous things to share! 
 The good news is that I came home with less than I took - always the goal!
The bad news? I may have spent all that I made - lol
I picked up a few things, including a fun Christmas arrangement that I've actually taken apart 
[that's just how I roll, folks- I'll show the other part closer to Christmas!] 
- here's the bottom part - a burlap wreath tray
 that I've filled with collection of pumpkins I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 85% recently -
 And here's  some more of my pumpkin collection - 
Craig found the giant clock at one of his favorite discount stores 
- love it here with the fall decor!
Well, I think I've picked the last zinnias of the year -
 I also love our long fall season here in the south - warm days and cool nights - delicious!
And we kicked off the season with our 
annual walk through the lights at the Botanical Gardens - 
With dinner at Pizza Hut afterwards. 
 Goodness! We've been doing this since the youngsters were pulled in wagons - and, come May, they'll all be out of high school! [Time really does fly, doesn't it?]
This year the gardens added snow to make it even more festive - and while you had to get RIGHT UNDER the one snow blower to see it or get a photo - it was still fun!
[Side note - I have a love/hate relationship with my hair right now -
 it's not been cut since July 2011 - and, well...
 like I said, love/hate - depending on the day - lol.]

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Gloria L. said...

Hair is one of those necessary evils..... looks good to me! Have a happy thanksgiving day!