Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We tend to spread the holiday celebrations out a bit around our house - 
usually having our family time
and then traveling to be with both sets of in-laws... 
it's always a multi-day celebration. 
And this year is no different. 
We planned a camping trip for the 2nd weekend in November and, since the oldest and his gal won't be able to be with us for Thanksgiving this year, 
we thought we'd just go ahead and celebrate a little early.  
We headed south to DeSoto Caverns...
 Enjoying the gorgeous sunset along the way 
 The boys and their gals joined us -   
And Joey, Kelly, and Mk came down to be with us too! 
 And with a little prep work ahead of time [and my trusty crock-pots] it worked out pretty well. 
[Much thanks to Joey and Kelly for bringing the rotisserie chickens!]
 We had roasted veggies, mixed greens, [turkey] sausage dressing [MY FAVORITE!!], green beans,  sweet potatoes baked in our campfire coals [delish!!], and home-made pumpkin pie. 
  I don't think anyone went away hungry. 
[And I enjoyed setting a pretty table, even if it was out in open air --]
 This is a piece of driftwood that our parents picked up over 50 years ago and 
varnished it to a high sheen.
Mama always used it to display seasonal arrangements. 
So fun to carry on that tradition - 
 We also had time to enjoy a few of the 'attractions' - 
and there's LOTS TO DO at DeSoto Caverns! 
MK loved the bucket ride,
 while the youngest and his gal took part in the potty races [YES!] 
 And they're always sweet to indulge my crazy photo- op ideas! 
All-in-all - one great weekend! 
So VERY thankful for family time! It's just the best, isn't it? 
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Gloria L. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!