Monday, September 3, 2012

I feel like I should apologize

for missing a couple of posts last week - I'm not sure any of you notice, but there is a bit of a plan to my blog - I've got to have some organization to make it all work for me...without it, things get all out of sorts - and that's exactly what has happened this week at work as 
we've been given the Count Down to The Move. 
Things in the office have been a bit more than chaotic -
and I don't work well when things aren't in their place. It's nice to know that I only have a few more days and then I'll be UN-packing and putting things in my new space. 
[I have a little creativity to share with you around that later on -]
Of course, we've been watching the weather this week too, as Issac has CREPT ashore... and WHAT'S UP around my office - there's magnolias blooming in AUGUST.
I'll admit there are things I will miss about this space - LOVE being downtown, LOVE my view of the park, LOVE the covered garage parking... but the filthy bathrooms, peeling wallpaper [with mold underneath,] and walking through client groups? NOT SO MUCH. 
NEW will definitely be better in the long-run.
At home we've been busy trying to rein Emma in each morning since she's decided she wants to chase rabbits and squirrels all over the neighborhood -
All while continuing the morning routine with Paul-y who loves to be brushed for a few minutes before he starts his day - lol. LOVES. IT.
Announcement - I now have a self-imposed rule that I will only go on Pinterest while I'm walking on the treadmill - so you might notice I'm not pinning quite as much - lol. 
BUT! I have been there three or four times this week. I just know that it can be such a time- waster [but not really, because I DO LOVE ALL THE GREAT IDEAS I SEE]  and thought I could use that time to add a little activity to my life... multi-tasking, if you will...
Truly delish - had to give some away or we would have eaten the entire pan.
And easy, since you start with frozen bread dough ---
We enjoyed a little family time over the weekend and it's always fun to see everyone! I had intended to get 'caught-up' on my photo assignments for my BPC class - 
but got caught up in these two together instead...
And lastly - I'm happy to announce the winner for this month's OMGiveaway is:
Jenny McGee of Pennsylvania
and bonus
[because I skipped last month, apparently-];
Silvia Haynes of Illinois
Thanks for reading my blog - and look for your box this week!


Gloria L. said...

Have a great move!

Jean said...

Those rolls looks o yummy!

Jenny McGee said...

Thank you for the package. I did not see the posting that I had won, so when I got this huge box full of goodies I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much. Jenny McGee

Christy Jordan said...

Hey! Thanks for the sweet words about my orange rolls! I had to come over since I saw you're in my hometown. :)
Good luck with the office move!