Monday, September 10, 2012

A normal - not much happin' week

- but I did go to my skin doctor - who 'tortures' me by burning off off the pre-cancerous spots. Ultimately - it's a good thing - but I won't lie - it hurts like burning pokers with needles sticking in my skin for the first couple of hours afterwards...
ah, the joys of freckled skin and no sun screen when I was growing up...
Okay - random thoughts - when we were in Nashville a couple of weeks back we ended up in the Berryhill section and found the CUTEST shop evah!
  Seriously! If you're in the area - you need to stop in. We both made purchases - cute, fun stuff.
Yes, I grew some cantaloupe this year - what do you call it when they just come up unplanned from seeds left from the previous year? -- I didn't plant them, is what I'm trying to say - and I was scared to eat them since there's that salmonella scare and I have armadillos in the yard...I've researched some more though, and am thinking the salmonella happens when it's left setting out for hours - what do y'all think?
 Met with my favorite scrapbooking group on Saturday - just a fun group of multi-generational gals who enjoy crafting was crazy all around us -  
I traveled on Friday and must have picked up a 'bug' - NOT GOOD. So I'm using the 'ole cold medicine to make it through the day - seriously. 
It works.
And I am glad.
 Lastly - I'm going to be missing this one for a few days 
and, you're right, I never thought I'd say THAT. ha.

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Gloria L. said...

Eat that cantaloupe!