Monday, August 13, 2012

This was a semi-busy week...

and I had to work late three days [you can see that I'm still packing to move to the new office - ]
 and the good in that is that I can go in an hour later too. 
Craig and I took an evening for date night and had dinner and a movie 
[HopeSprings - fun.]
Ate at Five Guys - and I could actually eat -
 first day since the Fourth of July that my tummy has felt 'normal.' 
I made a flannel board for MK - easy enough with a canvas that I covered in flannel, then cut-out the Sesame Street Characters from an old book - glued them to cardstock, cut out again and added a felt strip ont eh back - and waalaa - a flannel board to make up your own stories with -
I spent an afternoon with Mom and Joey [& Kelly & MK] for the big  luau - 
and it was a HUGE crowd. 
So fun to see Mama out and about and enjoying things!
 I took Emma out one dark / rainy afternoon - and while she was running across the yard I saw THIS
swoop down toward her [well, not this one exactly, I found this photo on pinterest - but it looks just like the HUGE owl that almost got her.] 
 she stopped running when I yelled NO and then came to me when i called. 
Maybe she could hear the terror in my own voice... so - so scarey.
And lastly... I made the most awful chocolate pie this week [am on a quest to find the *perfect* chocolate pie recipe, so I'm trying to make at least one a month and have those who eat it judge it - I have a tally sheet and everything - lol] ] And I sincerely thank the gals at Somerville Crop for giving it a go and being honest about it. Ha.

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Gloria L. said...

So happy that you saved your little dog, and about the tummy issues, too!