Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More FIskateers Fun -

This week in The Games  the event was SEWING - not a favorite thing of mine. 
I can SEW - but I don't enjoy it - so here we go -
Sewing Event 1 - an embellishment
Found a t-shirt I wanted to use - so I cut circles from the sleeves and stitched a button on the top while pleating them in just a bit. Stitched a pin to the back - can easily be taken off it I want to use it in art.
Sewing Event 2 - an accessory
 - I kind of love this scarf - so stinking EASY to make - just cut strips [rings] off the bottom of a t-shirt and stretch them out - they'll curl and swirl together - then twist and wear. I clipped the flower embellishment on for fun.
Sewing Event 3 - a pin cushion 
 Still using the t-shirt - [it's pitiful, I know - lol] and 
Sewing Event 4 - a bag, wallet, clutch, etc.
 I used the last of the t-shirt and made the logo into a little pouch [and, why yes, that IS a kindle fire you see peeking out from it. Hubs took one of his savvy shopping trips and spent my birthday money for me -- LOVE IT]

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Gloria L. said...

The ultimate in recycling!