Monday, July 23, 2012

It's been just a

 ‘regular week’  with everyday activities – get up – go to work – come home – do house hold chores – go to bed – start over again…
except for that one bizarre incident in my parking garage while talking with my sister on the phone about BATH SOAP when someone in the car in front of me stopped and started yelling that they’d heard what I called them – When I said I had no idea what they were talking about they continued yelling, “you called me an a**hole,” – When I continued to say I had NO IDEA what they were talking about she begin yelling, “You better watch out – I’ll be watching you! I’ll be watching you” – Let’s just say that confirms to me that there are ALL KINDS of people in the world [like I didn’t know that already since I’m a social worker… but still, you never expect it to be someone who WORKS in your office – despite that, I don’t know her at all -- works in a different part of the building from me…]
Caught up on some telly shows – Food Network Star and Restaurant Impossible – one we don’t watch much at all, but it had a place near us on – interesting. I also caught an episode of Julia Child’s show on PBS – I’m sure I’ve shared with you how I ADORED her as a child [she taught me how to make an omelet!]
It was fun to compare the ‘then’ and ‘now’ of cooking shows… And of course I could watch Modern Family over and over and never get tired of it – it’s the one show that makes me laugh out loud. So funny to me… and we went out for dinner and a movie one night – saw “that new Bruce Willis movie” - ‘Moonrise Kingdom’  - a little quirky – haven’t done my research, but is this a children’s book? – I will admit there were places where I laughed out loud.
And Craig caught these photos of Paul-y while he was moving the boat – he sure looks like a lazy one, doesn’t he? The reality is that he sweeps the yard free of chipmunks daily, and we hardly have squirrels around the house anymore either. 
He’s a lean and mean 14 pounds; a stealthy fighter.
I decided to give the weekend Fiskateer Challenge a go – and completed SEVERAL new projects this weekend – I love a good challenge – this little box was fun to do. It started out as an envelope box I found in the great closet clean-out. I covered it in really old dictionary paper [from the 1930s – it crumbles in your hand] – I love the color! 

Then I painted the black speckled lid brown – Used the crop-o-dile to punch holes and a piece of the scarf I used on the previously up-cycled lamp, for the bow. Cute. [Want to know more about the Fiskateer community? Click on the link to the left -]
I wanted something sweet and thought it would be fun to make this ‘watermelon’ cake I’ve seen on pinterest – It’s not tall because I used some of the batter to make a 6” round cake for Drew and Haley – just cake mix and frosting with food coloring – with a few chocolate chips thrown in – I’ll admit it throws me off though, because I expect it to taste a little fruity…
In closing I’ll mention that I’m having some different stomach issues – I’ve diagnosed it as gallbladder issues. I have a doctor’s appointment  this week, so we’ll see he thinks it might be  --

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Gloria L. said...

Sometimes it's good to have a non-eventful week! See you soon!