Friday, June 15, 2012

Y'all know I love Margie

and have enjoyed her products since her days at delux designs [I'm pretty sure I still have some paper called 'Margie's Room' - and maybe a little of the green 'Max's Room' too...] Well, she's not a only great product designer, but an all-round fun person. I have always enjoyed taking classes from her - and, of course, SPARK, last year, was fab! Sooo, I was excited to take her little video class called ' Spark Your Summer' to learn some fun, hands-on, ideas of how we can use our crafty stuff to decorate for the holidays.
This is my take on one of them - the vase is a big pickle jar all podged up a bit with crepe paper, book paper, and a napkin, the flag has a junque bow, and I used sunflowers I've had in a different place for years... I picked up the sign at Hobby Lobby [of course!] last year when it was 80% off [great deal!] The candles, grape vine,  and white star - I've had a while. Love. It. Just a little way to add decor for the summer!
She shares a ton more ideas in this three video series - I think  you can still sign up - click over to her blog [link to the right, there] and check it out!

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Gloria L. said...

Margie is, indeed, quite a hoot!