Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So, does it matter if the heirloom

 wasn't really passed down through the family? When I look at this piece of furniture it brings back such fond memories of hanging out at my grandmother's house 
- but this isn't from her house. 
 It is, however, very much like the wardrobe she had in the back bedroom [her house had no closets...] It came from Miss Bessie's house, a favorite person of mine. We've had it close to 20 years now. The handles have since gone back to the original wood ones that were on it when I purchased it -
[WOW. Time. Flies.]
One of the memories I have of Mama M's is that all the girl cousins [and there were a lot of us!] would try on lipstick and press their lips to the inside of the top door... some of my cousins say they don't remember this - did I imagine it? Whatever, it's my memory - lol - so when I saw these little foam lip prints I had to use them to 're-enact' the memory, if you will. 
Just a little happy reminder of good times at my Mama M's.

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Gloria L. said...

AAAHH! So Sweet!