Monday, February 13, 2012

The work continues

on the bathroom re-do - I'll be sharing more photos soon! And while the house is covered in a thin layer of dust I've got to say that I'm LOVING having these guys come in and do the work. It's the first time we've been able to hire out a bigger job like this and it's saving us a lot of time; not to mention achy backs...This week I traveled a couple of days for work - I have some new counties assigned to me - ones I've had in the past so it was very nice to see the staff and catch-up with everyone while we talked 'shop.' [And being a little closer to home was nice too.]And in the evenings I worked on this for an upcoming fundraiser. It was fun to do - but a little tricky because I had to leave room for the ribbons they will add - and it was further complicated because I wasn't shown those ribbons. LOL. So I hope it all coordinates and I can't wait to see it on display!
And then I spent the weekend over at the Guntersville Lodge - one of the prettiest places around us - Craig came along and fished while I scrapbooked [I think he caught over 75 crappie in one day!] This is a great group of gals to get together with and of course I enjoyed spending time with my good friend Rita. She's had a double portion of life [see her blog here] but always {{always}} looks to the Lord and has such a wonderful sweet attitude about things. She's an inspiration to me! I enjoyed visiting with her and the other gals as I finished up my Spark! smash book [or junk journal], used a whole package of kraft paper to sort heritage photos into family groups [I think I need 4 - 5 more packages to get the job done - lol,] and completed 17 pages of layouts. Whee! Oh, and I sorted leftover photos into my LOM boxes. It was just very nice to be away and have time set aside to get these things done.And of course, it was an eagle weekend so the lodge was busy with groups there to see them. I saw the tiniest owl during one presentation, and saw a bald eagle flying by the window of our room. But the best was seeing the pair fly by the lodge one afternoon after lunch.


Gloria L. said...

Guntersville Lodge is a beautiful place! Sounds like you got a lot done!

godsmixedmediagirl said...

Hi Judy :) I just found your blog through Ritas blog (whom I adore). I wish I could really go into details but I have been searching for artists like you for years now. Artists that share their faith through their art are my inspiration :) I have been looking through your work and love it all. You and Rita along with the other ladies were so blessed to be able to go to that retreat it seemed amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Here is my blog if you have time to check it out :) God bless you!