Monday, January 16, 2012

What can I say?

– This has just been a ‘normal’ week for me – filled with time at home, travel, shopping at thrift stores, and creating --I’ve been gathering photos to work on in the next few months: I tend to download or save in several different places so I needed to get them off my camera and phone and Craig’s phone, as well as the laptop. [I admit that I am a shameless facebook photo grabber-] I also caught up with a few TV shows – love that we can record them and come back to them when time allows. And I took a recent photo for my CZ class – Move More Eat Well – Actually I took photos on two different days – in the same week [at work where there is a full length mirror - whee] – what a difference [SOC}-

My mom’s been back in the hospital and while she was put in only to run some tests, I am very concerned for her. I didn’t go over because she was only supposed to be in for a day and I’m saving leave for my own little procedure that needs to be done in the next few months. She’s back at her apartment now and doing well. But I’ll just say – it’s no fun seeing your parents grow older and living away from them -

I traveled to Montgomery for a couple of days this week again – it’s my job y’all. [It's a little sad that I know what's available at most exit numbers -- 208 has excellent chicken salad; 282 has MickeyD's, etc.] I stopped at a favorite thrift store on the way home – found a couple of sweaters for less than $2.00 each - Jones New York and Eddie Bauer – who can pass those up? One still had the original tags on it. Yay.

And I enjoyed a day of creating and gabbing with some favorite girlfriends. We really should get a group photo next time! This is one I grabbed off Rita’s facebook a few months ago – [thanks!] I’ve got to say I sure do miss my Bible Study group that decided to disband this year. Am looking for another – anyone involved with our Wednesday night Bible Studies?


Scrapin Kat said...

I can relate to parent thing.. this week it is North for our trip.. I know those exits and exactly where we stop... LIFE in the fast lane - LOL..

Gloria L. said...

Hi there! Does your camera have a timer? Then you won't have to hold it up in pictures... I really like the first set of you in the mirror! My arms are not long enough to take the type where you reach out with the camera and aim backwards....

Thinking of mom... take care!