Friday, January 13, 2012

Recently I've seen

several pieces of deco art jewelry that I LOVE but I’m not much of a jewelry person so I’m not sure I’d wear it. Still, I wanted to give it a try. The first time I looked for materials I found some stuff that needs a special light or undisturbed sunshine to ‘cure’ and I knew I couldn’t invest it that just to ‘give it a go.’ But as I looked more, I found this little bottle of special modpodge [in the clay section of HL, of all places!] and thought, ‘bingo!’

I bought the smaller bracelets to start with and created a little Disney-themed one for the oldest’s gal since they seem to REALLY enjoy The Happiest Place on Earth. I used some Disney scrapbook papers and other clip art / photos that I printed & cut out to ½ squares [there ARE larger bracelets available.]

After placing the cut-outs into the bracelet I filled with the podge – I think almost to overflow is best. [Tip: Be careful to not cause bubbles and to remove them if they appear.]

Then I let it dry overnight. CUTE.

When youngest and his gal were home this past weekend we pulled out the other little bracelet.
They searched for clipart and photos and we pulled together an AUBURN bracelet for her; it dried overnight and here you go – CUTE [again.]

AND EASY. I think the next piece I make will be a charm for my work lanyard with my ‘one little word’ on it. It’ll be a good way to remind myself to live with intention each and every day.

Note: I’ve seen these with 1 inch charms that have vintage icons from different cities – VERY CUTE. I’m just not sure I’d wear it. But it might be fun to pull together one for an event [like Spark -?] and hang charms from a swap on it – a fun idea!! Who’s in?!?


Scrapin Kat said...

sounds interesting ... would make a few nice gifts also- when will the next Spark be?

Gloria L. said...

I'm not in to jewelry much either, but love charm swaps since charms can be hung on jump rings on the bindings of albums. You could adapt your idea to charms easily, and you'd always have one that matched your project! Hmmmmm...

Just a Simple Gal - Judy in Huntsville - AL said...

Margie will announce spark dates after CHA - can't wait! And Gloria - I think this would be darling with lots of charms on it!