Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Been about as sick as I’ve been in years these last few weeks and finally, Sunday evening, it was enough to make me schedule an appointment with my doctor – luckily they worked me in pretty quickly [without the usual waaaaaaaaait] and after a few days on meds I’m feeling back to my ‘normal’ self again – well, almost. BETTER, for sure.
  2. Good news - Mom is home and doing well. SO HAPPY she’s living where she feels secure and has people she trusts to help her when she needs it -
  3. I made Knock You Naked brownies [used those new caramel chips – DON’T. It’s just not as good – still yummy though!] And red velvet Cake Balls – dipped in white almond bark with red & green sprinkles [thanks to my sweetie for helping me dip them up!] And Mama’s Chocolate fudge – tastes like hers, still, it’s not as firm as I’d like, but I’m so not a fudge eater that I’m not sure how firm it really should be – lol [and I’m VERY UNHAPPY with the marshmallow cream people for cutting an ounce out of the jars they sell these days – don’t they know we don’t want to measure?!?!]
  4. Recipes on the tab above, eventually – lol. I’m not sure I’m loving those tabs – but I really haven’t had time to explore and fill them as I’d like to – [Cake Balls: bake a cake mix and crumble with a tub of frosting, roll into balls and refrigerate, dip in melted almond bark or candy coating - add sprinkles.]
  5. I spent the day at Lowe Mill on Saturday – and came home with about a third less of the stuff I took – yay!! Another artist came by and whispered in my ear that I was selling too cheap – but my goal is not $$$ [I paint / create for the fun of it] – my goal is to not take it home – so, goal met. Even one of my favorite big girls [out front] went home to be gifted to someone - love it.
  6. Lowe Mill is a fun, eccentric place. You see ALL KINDS of people there – and it’s always nice to come home with a freshly baked loaf of Fred Bread. [Cranberry-Walnut is delish.]
  7. AND I finished Christmas Stocking Number 1 – it’s not perfect, but handmade never is, is it? I’m sure the next one will be better…
  8. Working on other crafty things now – this is a quick one that I’ve already shared on FaceBook [come on over and ‘friend me!’] – little glass jars available at Hobby Lobby [mine came from Old Time Pottery] and little clips of winter goodness [spruce – bird – berries] - $1 each at The Dollar Tree [the jars have a ‘handle’ on the lid so these clipped right on,] and big golden jingle bells tied to the jar [The Dollar Tree - $1 for nine of them] Fill with Chex Mix – that, yes, I bought. - And you have some cute little gifts in no time at all.
  9. Craig and I visited a different church this past Sunday – a little [of what we call] high-churchy, kind of a cross of Baptist and Methodist [the pastor and choir director wore robes.] Different, but nice, and special too.
  10. And finally, I’ve sure been enjoying a local radio station [Lite 96.9] that plays non-stop Christmas music from Thanksgiving until Christmas day – love it – fun songs and spiritual ones too – helps keep me in the mood for Christmas - I’ll catch you on the flip side – Merry Christmas everyone!


okienurse said...

Awesome post! Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Those red velvet cake balls look awesome and the mix in the jars....oh my...I can feel the weight gain! Vickie

Just a simple gal said...

ah, but ti makes about 5 dozen, so you figure how many would make one slice of cake ....Of course the candy coating needs to be figured in too --- but they are delish - luckily we had a house full of kids that helped enjoy them too!

Gloria L. said...

What a sugar rush just reading! Hope your CHRISTmas is wonderful!