Monday, November 28, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. This has been One. Long. Week. It feels like we’ve packed two or three weeks of stuff into it – but it’s all good. [Really Good. – We. Are. Blessed.]
  2. Emma Lou [aka Squiggles] went to The Shoals with us on Saturday and Sunday and even though she wasn’t out and about with all the activity -- she was worn out and went straight to bed when we got home Sunday evening – lol. We wanted to also! But stayed up to watch The Amazing Race – which came on MUCH later than usual due to the ballgames [Live! – no dvr – weird.] This is her new winter parka - lol
  3. It was a short work-week for me and I enjoyed having Wednesday at home to just ‘be’ with the youngest a bit and make Craig’s favorite cake. We also went to the visitation for friend’s mother that afternoon. What a gift they gave her when they brought her home to their house since she did not want to pass away in the hospital.
  4. Thursday we hated for our moms to be alone so Craig, youngest, and I drove over to The Shoals to have dinner and a little visiting time with each of them. We had a semi- celebration for his birthday that night when we enjoyed a bowl of that yummy cake together!
  5. I also braved the ‘Black Friday’ sales to run down to Sam’s to pick up a skinny ‘pull-up’ Christmas tree – and I’ll concede that it’s not half as beautiful as my post-prison Martha Stewart tree that is GORGEOUS but is heavy as a log-wagon and takes up a ton of space [we all know her best designs have been since that time.] Photo taken with my camera - not the best , but you get the idea of the size and shape -
  6. I had the new one up and lit [all by myself!] in about 15 minutes [yay!] and I think once it’s decorated it will be beautiful in a different way.
  7. We had our family dinner that afternoon and I have to say that I love Aunt Betty’s Sausage Dressing – DELISH. We also had salad with cranberries and walnuts, roasted chicken, green bean casserole, veg-all casserole, mac & cheese, and pumpkin roll to end the meal – so good. I love to cook when I have lots of un-hurried time to do it [Recipes on the tab above.]
  8. Saturday we went back to the Shoals [minus youngest who went ‘home’ to AU for The Game – exciting to be a part even when we know the expected outcome] to be with Craig’s extended family and enjoy a non-traditional – YUMMY meal of enchiladas with all the fixin’s, layered dip, and chocolate and pecan pies. Again, delish. Spent the evening visiting together. The next day his sister was taken to the ER where she was treated and released for complications of her illness. Please join us in prayer that she can have continuous days of wellness.
  9. And Sunday we were supposed to be together with my extended family – but alas, they all had the crud and couldn’t make it [we’re extra careful about exposing Mom to any wayward germ.] And since she didn’t feel great herself we sent oldest and his gal on home and gathered Christmas decor from the house to take to her apartment. She was able to eat some crackers and soup while we were there decorating her door with the candles [big and plastic] that have been a part of their Christmas décor since the first gr-son was born. So sweet to carry on traditions even when circumstances change [I know the photo is horrible - but I just cropped one down form a photo of a scrapbook page - lol. I'll find a print and scan it in later -]
  10. Before heading home Craig and I enjoyed a very relaxing [birthday -?] meal at our favorite place in the area – we were so hungry by that time that I ate my entire meal [and I’ve never – ever done that there.] I always get the Chicken Ricatoni – grilled chicken with goat cheese, steamed veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes – yum. It was nice to have some unhurried time to re-group together before our upcoming work-week; a good way to end our very busy week…


Gloria L. said...

Hope everyone is well now! Happy Holidays!

Jean said...

Sounds like a wonderful and busy time.