Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Boy -

Well, some of you know that I’m married to a ‘turkey-baby’ – born on Thanksgiving Day – and this year we celebrated that evening with his favorite cake [Tres Leches – recipe in the tab above,] and a special gift – a little something I’ve been planning for a while now. Craig is the world’s best gift-giver [something to do with his love of shopping, I think] so I have to work hard to think of something that he’ll love [and hasn’t already bought for himself!] But I love this – and I think he does too.

First, I gathered photos of the official Shrimp Festival posters from past years [note – since 1983 we’ve been to this event more years than not, it’s practically a family tradition.] Then I pondered how to pull them all together in a neat way - settled on working in photo-shop with a poster to drag and drop them into, all the same size and coordinated. [but, honestly, I don’t work in photo-shop enough to just be able to open it up and go for it – would have to pull out my cheat cards to get it done -]
Then I thought of the collage prints at Walgreens and checked to see if they did large sizes. Bingo. Love that you can rearrange your photos to highlight the ones you like best [and strategically offset the white backgrounds with colored ones.] LOVE that it helps you know the best size to print when your pixels might be smaller than normal [without this I would have messed up, big-time.] And loved that Walgreens printed it without a hassle [was concerned they’d get all copy-right on me…] and I especially love that I was able to surprise Craig with it.

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