Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. In the past 14 days I’ve been away from home for nine days - in five states and traveled [most of the day for] six days – and I’ll admit – I’m VERY HAPPY to have a week with no out / town things on the calendar!
  2. The travel’s all been for good things [well, one day was work related-] and as you know I had a blast in Utah – but also enjoyed seeing family in Knoxville as one of the youngest members of our family celebrated his 6th birthday.[Photo taken by his mom-]
  3. We also decided to carry-over a work trip into a quick overnight in Atlanta to pick up THE BATHROOM SINK. Guess which one we got? [Hint – it’s been discontinued and we had to get it quick!] We also enjoyed a delish meal at a favorite place – Pappadeux – where Craig had craw-fish ettouffe’ and I had the most delicious cheese grits – ever!
  4. We took EmmaLou along and we both agree she won’t be a constant traveling companion – but she did SO WELL – it made us very happy.
  5. LOVED seeing the beautiful fall colors as we traveled –
  6. Had time with my sweet Mama on Sunday as we went over to ‘help’ her sort through some of her clothes [in quotes because my sister did most of the helping there-] and gathering of things from the house. Mom has never been one to hold on to things – but there’s still lots of ‘stuff’ to make decisions about.
  7. We’ve decided to finalize some of those when all the gr-sons are there for Thanksgiving. There’s already a ‘for sale’ sign up in the yard – change is hard, but good too.
  8. Missed the mark on my goal of completing the HUGE mixed media project for the oldest – I had hoped to have it done by the end of the month – it’s SO CLOSE – lol. Hopefully I’ll be sharing photos of it NEXT week.
  9. But THIS ONE is coming home for the weekend, so who knows – yay. [Yes - the kangaroo -]
  10. Can you believe the holiday season is fast approaching? [It happens every year – lol] The cooler weather we’re having is really helping to set the mood!


Gloria L. said...

The trees here (maples and dogwoods, especially) are really pretty now, too! Enjoy your travel-free hometime!

Jean said...

Wow - I am tired just reading your post! Enjoy some time at home!

Linh C. said...

We used to live in Houston where Pappadeaux and the rest of the Pappa family of restaurants started. We sure miss that restaurant! We also love the Pappasitos - texmex!