Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to Scrappin' Kat's Halloween Blog Hop!
You probably came here from Adels's blog -
I'm happy to share some of my Halloween ideas with you -
This is one of my favorite pieces of wall-art, or mixed media, if you want to call it that - I picked up the frame at goodwill and painted it a rich ornagey-red color [the mat was included] and printed the photo at poster size and cut it into a silhouette. I placed it on a large piece of white paper [from Hobby Lobby, my go-to store] and framed it. 'Halloween' is a piece wooden letters cut from seasonal decor, again from HL, and 'happy' is cut from cricut - both of these are glued to the outside of the frame. Love it. Especially now that our boys are in their 20s.Here are my pumpkins - made of foam! I'm not sure where the jack-o-lantern came from he laughs and flashes when activated by motion. The other pumpkins are from Michaels - I've had them for years. I cut a hand-drawn star out of paper and used it as a pattern to randomly draw stars all over the pumpkins. Then I used a regular knife to cut them out, stuffed them with Christmas lights, voila - fall pumpkins! These actually stay out front until after Thanksgiving.
And last, but not least are these little vintage goodies. I searched 'vintage halloween' and saved the images in a file then printed out my favorites and put them on pieces of black card stock and tied them on ribbon around half-pint jars filled with candy corn. [How's that for a run-on sentence? LOL]Quick - easy - fun gifties!

I'd love to see what kinds of Halloween goodies you've created - please share a link so I can see them! Also, be sure to scroll [waaaaaaaay] down to my Once a Month Giveaway post to leave a comment for a flat-rate box choked full of fun!

Now it's time to continue the Halloween fun as you hop on over to Kari's blog for more fun!

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bluecrayons said...

love your project. really like how you put it all together,

photochic said...

Love the jars! Too cute!

Scrapin Kat said...

Thanks Judy! You are so Creative!

Ann said...

Lovin all of it!

Staci Snellings said...

All your projects are great thanks for the tips!

Shirley Ross said...

Judy, you are so creative!

Linh C. said...

The vintage halloween is so pretty!

elizabeth said...

Looks like you are having more Halloween fun than anyone else!! Great ideas!!

CAstangs said...

I really like the star covered pumpkins! Such a neat idea! Great projects

bfran55 said...

Love all the cute ideas!