Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Okay – finally! A ‘normal’ week where I was ‘mostly’ in town… my sinus cold is ‘mostly’ gone, and I’m loving this ‘mostly’ cooler weather! Love {{LOVE}} fall in the South with mornings in the 50*s and afternoons in the 80*s! We’ve added extra quilts to the bed, but we haven’t turned on the heat yet!
  2. Enjoyed dinner with oldest and his gal friend. They’ve been to Disney with a group of friends – and I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous…
  3. My regular scrapping group held a 24 hour crop and my hat’s off to those who met this goal! I never intended to stay up all night – I made it ‘til midnight and then went back for a bit Saturday afternoon. And I completed a total of THREE pages – ha.
  4. But I did a little clean-out of my ‘basic tool kit’ and found MY FAVORITE STAMP that I’ve not seen since a class I took in 2009 and have secretly been accusing class mates [or worse, the teacher who complimented it] in my head for taking it… whoa.
  5. THANK YOU LORI for showing me how to use the Close To My Heart circuit cartridge – which choices to make to get the shapes I want. I’ve printed off the guide sheets and copied them on transparent overlays so I can easily use it. [Again, thank you!]
  6. I attended the free [pressure cooking] class at Williams-Sonoma Sunday afternoon. It’s really more of a product demo – Craig had purchased a little pressure cooker a few weeks back from one of his favorite discount stores so I found it interesting to see how these new ones work. They’re sure different from the one my mama has!
  7. And I tried a new craft this week – jewelry. I’m doing a pin swap with some girls before an event later in the month and I’ve never done anything like this before. So here’s what I did: I found some earrings on sale and took them apart and built a pin from them [glued the pin back on the largest part.] It’s two of my favorite colors and since it’s made from earrings I went ahead and made two. Still debating if I’ll buy some alcohol ink to spiff it up a bit more. – I’ll share photos soon!
  8. By the way speeder in my parking garage – I don’t appreciate the beep-beep you gave me as I was TWO STEPS from the building’s entrance – not my responsibility to get out of YOUR way – SLOW DOWN.
  9. And I’ll admit I’m listening to the Michael Jackson doctor trial on XM radio on my way home each day – VERY INTERESTING. I believe he’s guilty of something – just not sure what I would convict on yet… what do y’all think?
  10. And finally, I got the Halloween décor out – I’ll show you more later in the month -


LindainNCtoo said...

You will get hooked on jewelry making. Becky at Scrappin Sisters makes LOTS of jewelry...if you need any help.

I love the pumpkins!

Gloria L. said...

Next thing you know, you'll be in a charm swap! SO MUCH FUN! The weather has been great, hasn't it!