Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. My mind has been in full creative mode this week as I’m getting ready for some upcoming crafty events – things I’m ‘in charge’ of, things I’m going to attend just for fun, and crafty things I’m planning for Christmas as well.
  2. And I’m also getting ready for another sidewalk sale – we’ve pulled out the shutters we used for our vendor booth back in the ‘monthly kit days’ and are re-vamping them a bit. I love to hear Craig’s ideas as we work out a project together – the lighting is going to be a wonderful touch.
  3. Only in the south – would you see this on top of a water tower.
  4. We took a quick trip to Memphis this weekend, and while it was a long & tiring day – we’re so glad that we’re able to help out when we can. [And we’re blessed to have our Mamas here with us.] MUCH THANKS goes to the oldest who gave up a day to help us out – loading a 27 foot truck full and then moving it back out again. It’s wonderful to have strong men in my life!
  5. Bad News: my sister broke her glasses and didn't know if the docs were ready to give her a new prescription due to recent eye surgeries; Good News: turns out her eyesight is better than ever and she doesn't need her glasses AT ALL. Weird? Yes. But we're still praising and dancing a jig!
  6. This week I finished up an art project that’s been a long time in the making. – I’ll share more about it on Thursday. It’s nothing spectacular, but it is a fun little mixed media piece that’s a little different than the previous one done back in ‘07.
  7. Missing the youngest, but enjoying seeing photos of him on facebook – and it looks like Stephanie has influenced him to attend the games afterall. [He’s a junior and this is the first year he’s bought his student tickets -]
  8. A bit of personal news – it was time to color my hair and I went with a ‘golden’ hue – which always gives my hair a bit of a red tint – and I think I like it…
  9. Oldest celebrated 25 years on Sunday. We enjoyed a meal at The Mellow Mushroom with him and his sweetie. And since we’ve only eaten there a few times, we still haven’t found something we LOVE. – All you MM fans, don’t be hatin’ us… it IS a fun atmosphere… This photo is from the 15th birthday - since his birthday was overshadowed [and rightly so] by the disaster of 9-11, we decided to do something extra fun and let him share a night with Gallagher and few close friends - a night to remember for sure.
  10. We also took Sunday afternoon for yard work – working together it takes us a couple of hours to get it all done – but the weather was cool and y’all know I LOVE the mindless task of lawn –mowing – seriously.


Gloria L. said...

So, we need a photo of you and your new hair!

LindainNCtoo said...

Yes...photo please.

I went back to my old hair color ( kept covering that gray hair!! ). I kept getting lighter and redder. Now, my blue eyes really pop on my face!