Thursday, September 15, 2011

AU Art

When Drew moved into his first apartment at AU there was BIG electrical / fuse box right in the middle of the wall in the living room [?!?] that drove me crazy!
So one week when I stayed there by myself [scho
ol was out, I was working in Montgomery 45 minutes away] I made this little piece of art - layed it out on that tiny little dining table and let the layers dry each night as I finished it up. And then I hung IT RIGHT OVER THE FUSE BOX!
I was thrilled, even when I wasn’t sure anyone else loved it –

And then when he graduated there was lots of discussion about the Auburn Art and who got to keep it – alas, it stayed in the apartment with Matt and

later moved on into the house he shared with friends.

And now it’s at Stephanie’s apartment while Matt lives in the BCM.

And all this time I’ve been reminded that I need to make another one – but never got around to getting the supplies together.

Meanwhile I have a HUGE mixed media piece pending – but felt the Auburn Art needed to be out of the way before I started on it [and you’ll see the background o f the huge piece in the photos below – it’s a great big {office} white board that we bought at the Re-Store – can’t wait to get started on it!]

First – I started with some foam board that oldest bought for some airplane projects, tissue paper, computer generated letters, and paint.

I covered the board in tissue paper and mod podge [a crafty-girl’s best friend – lol]

and paint. [Canyon Orange and Bright Blue.]

I had saved my letter patterns from the previous project [varsity font at about 120 points,]

so I cut those out of newsprint,

trying to include Auburn sports news when I could.

Once the orange was dry I podged the letters down and painting around the outline – I actually did this twice to get it a little neater.

Then I podged all over it one last time to seal it all in completely.

And it’s just a fun little piece of art.

Oldest plans to hang it in his ‘game’ room, I think. We’ll see.


LindainNCtoo said...

Like it!!!

Gloria L. said...

OK, Auburn plays Clemson this weekend, and I'm a CU graduate (did you know that?) But since hubby is an AU graduate, we just hope the Tigers win! LOL!

Linh C. said...

Awesome sign!

barbv #2975 said...

Fabulous! And using newsprint! Very clever!!!