Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'd forgotten it was July already -

And the new issue of Hobby Lobby's magazine hit the store yesterday -
Stamping-Stationery-and- Scrapbooking - Third Quarter 2011
and I'm in it!
Well, not me - but a couple of my [very favorite] layouts:

This first one is a photo my cousin John took of some flower pots on a bench outside his home in Arizona - I 'shopped' the photo up A LOT and love the painted look of it - combined with a favorite quote and ton of eyelets and it's a pretty simple but great looking layout.

This one is also pretty simple - it's a photo from one of my dad's slides of my little brother and my mom walking on the beach. I did NOTHING to this photo - just let those beautiful fading colors of the slide shine through and added some complimentary colors for another favorite layout.
Fun. Quick. And easy.
That's my scrapbook 'style.'

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