Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. A bit of traveling to one of my least favorite cities - no favorite shops or places to eat so I ate hotdogs [free] at the hotel. With chips and carrot sticks, not bad.
  2. Speaking of hotdogs - the hotdog man is back on 'the square' outside my office. [Do people outside of the south even know what 'the square' is?]
  3. Random thought: I'm very glad I have a flexible job.
  4. Taxes: done. Check: written. So sad to see one dependent missing - but happy to know that he's self-sufficient and doing okay.
  5. We had another bout of storms this week - loving how radar has advanced to the point of knowing exactly where rotation might be [but we know they can still dip down out of no where...]
  6. Praying for families that lost loved ones and homes.
  7. But the rain has been good - and YES! We have tomatoes! I'll admit I bought this [cherry] tomato plant with blooms on it - but the others now have blooms as well!
  8. Enjoyed having youngest and friend home.
  9. Family time = precious memories.
  10. And finally! We had a sunny day all together to take family photos at the turquoise fence in our neighborhood.


Viji Siddharth said...

I know the tornado's sound so scary. I feel sorry for whoever was affected. Glad you had your youngest son over and could spend some time with him. I am not working..I am thinking of taking it up later this year. Go back to the block and do taxes maybe!
I just finished my 2 page layout! i am proud of myself!

LindainNCtoo said...

I love how the final look of your family portrait, Judy.

The storm system on Saturday in NC spawned 25 tornadoes in our state. 3 just in our area that caused such damage. Still seeing new areas of destruction. Get choked up driving by the areas.

I need to start doing a 10 list or least do a 5 list. I love reading yours each week. :)