Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. So it’s a win-win: our ‘yard’ truck’ has found a new home! Yippee! This truck belonged to Craig’s gr-daddy; given to him when Paw Paw died. We kept it a few years then sold it to my father who put it to good use for many years. [Remember how Goodfellow loved to go along for a ride?] It came back to us when my dad died in ‘07. And honestly, we just didn’t use it enough to warrant keeping it. So glad it went home with a nephew who hopes to restore it to its full 1973 glory!
  2. Had gumbo and a shrimp po boy for lunch on Mardi Gras – delish. [The King Cake was the best I’ve ever tasted too!]How many of you give up something for Lent? I've never attended a church that advocated this - but it's interesting....[more on this subject later -]
  3. Thrifty Finds – love this jar we found at Goodwill for $5.00 but can’t decide if it should hold our oatmeal / carnation instant or snack crackers… And, if you have a Dirt Cheap [store] near you – go quickly! Craig picked up these Vera Bradley accessories for 50c each – wow! [Edited: Photo's here! I told you I'm late with everything these days! - ]

  4. We took care of a few routine doctor’s appointments and tests this week – and happy to hear all is as normal as can be.
  5. Enjoyed dinner and a movie with friends during the weekend. Good fellowship, good movie [The King’s Speech], & good food [Conner’s], but not so good service… but you can’t have it ALL, can you?
  6. Completed the great winter [yard] clean-up – when you live with old trees there’s always a limb or two falling somewhere. We set aside one day in March to get the place ready to mow. I had three trailers full of limbs by the time I was finished. [And by the way - this NOT how a forsynthia should look - in my opinion - ha.]

  7. And I couldn’t breathe the next day. Blooming trees are my #1 allergy – and it’s that time of year, folks. It’s too pretty to stay inside so Craig bought me some masks to wear. [Think my spring tan might be a little uneven? Ha.] I'm also sore in places I’d forgotten existed. But thankful I have the energy and ability to get out there and get ‘er done.
  8. The de-cluttering continues and we have a nice stack of stuff that’s headed to Goodwill. [We donate and we buy and sometimes we re-donate what we buy – lol.]
  9. Still praying for those affected by the devastation in Japan. Our friend who lives there is safe. Thank goodness for facebook and skype!

10. And lastly – it’s Spring Break for youngest. And it’s good to have him home for a few days. [Hop over HERE and pick up Elizabeth’s book and you’ll see that Thursday is ‘Absolutely Incredible Kids’ Day. We’re blessed to have two of the best, how about you? [Photo taken - Spring Break 2008]


Viji Siddharth said...

Oooh I hope your allergies behave themselves and let you enjoy the spring...
I still can't believe what happened in japan....it's so scary and sad...so many people,so many lives,so many families...its awful
I have never shopped at a Goodwill store...I will..there is one next to my place..not so far... I have donated there..never shopped...

Gloria L. said...

OK, so where's the photo of your Goodwill jar? LOL!

Dee said...

well your vera finds look awesome. Hard to tell from the picture what they are though. I think the pattern on the brown is called mod floral pink. It looks like one of their organizers maybe? Is the small one a pouch or like a glasses case? Enjoy your goodies! Dee