Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. The great snow storm of 0-11 kept me out of work until Thursday morning – and I somehow need that time in my office to pull my life together into some semblance of organization. So I’m a little late with this post today [ha - it actually posted on Wednesday night-] – and it’s very random…
  2. I was finally able to get down the hill to see my doctor on Wednesday a.m. – thank goodness he was able to open – I was relapsing FAST. But with a few more prescriptions, I’m back on the mend again. I’m afraid the time to look seriously at [nasal] polyp removal may indeed be sooner than later – I know! TMI!
  3. We ate breakfast at Waffle House while waiting on my meds to be filled.
  4. I haven’t lived with snow on the ground for this long since I was in Utah – but the rain TODAY is finally washing the rest of it away [9 days y’all!]
  5. It was beautiful though. [Our house from the road on Thursday.]
  6. There’ll be changes happening on the blog this year – some things will stay the same like these Ten on Tuesday posts and others are new [Favorite Photo Friday], but I’m also changing how I respond to comments [in the comments themselves] and draw for the Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway [randomly from ALL comments within the last month.]
  7. I’ve also been pulled into some home décor blogs lately and I hope those will inspire me to be a little more creative with my projects around the house – and on those rare occasions when that happens, I’ll be sure to share that with you as well; and I’ll continue to share my faith – because, really, that’s what keeps me going each day.
  8. I’ve started a little Soul Restoration class [see Brave Girls Club link to the right] – and I love it. I love that they give you LOTS of tools to work with to create art-inspired reflection. I love that while the creators have definite religious beliefs they leave it open for each person to define their own relationship with God. I love that they give you lots of video to encourage creativity. And I love that I’ve given myself permission to just play with it all – I’ve even committed to using scissors only throughout this class! [No paper trimmer to assure perfectly straight lines.] Ha.
  9. My hair has finally grown enough that I can tuck the front behind my ears again – man, it must have been SHORT. What was I thinking?!?
  10. Okay - one last snow photo – I promise! [Well, we’ll see – since our forecast is calling for another flurry this weekend.] This is our house on Monday – before the rain came in – one week after the snow fell – in THE SOUTH – gotta love it.


Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

It seems the snow is lasting everywhere longer than it has or should! It last 16-17 days here after the snow was finished falling! We do get snow every year a couple of times, but it is usually gone with one or two days.

Have fun with the Brave Girl experiene. I know Cheryl really enjoyed it. I enjoyed hearing about the whole thing.

You know the whole reason you got behind is because you had extra time on your hands :-) I haven't worked in almost 15 years, and I was so much more organized back then!

Gloria L. said...

Yikes - my daughter (age 31) had nasal surgery in September. She had lots of polyps. Be glad to share if you want to know anything. It was done at North Pavilion by a doctor at Kirklin. It was a long day.