Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our 'green' Christmas card -

[Remember you can double click on it to make it bigger, and right click to 'copy' or 'save as'- then paste [or open] and drag to full page if needed.]

Also - for those in the Faith Based Pages Classes Yahoo Group - tuck away that this card was written WELL before the next book was chosen.
I love how God works -
and I'll share it all more with you in a few days.

[I got so frustrated working in photo shop - a GREAT program that I seldom work in - that I finally gave up, even after a private tutorial from the younger.
So it's lesser quality - but it's the thought that counts! Right?
Merry Christmas!!

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

Your Christmas card was still very nice, despite the lack of Photoshop! From going back through your blog, it looks like you had a great Christmas in the year 2010!