Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Okay, remember how my Christmas note asked you to tuck away some of the thoughts to re-visit and see how God is talking with me right now? Well, here goes - I wrote the Christmas Card [on my blog ] note a few weeks ago – saying things like, “Life can be crazy and we choose to seek out the magic.” And, “Our prayer for you this year is that you seek out joy in your lives—look for the magic of God’s presence and we’re sure you’ll find it.”
And as many of you know - I’ve been on the ‘look-out’ for the next book to use in our Faith Based Classes Yahoo group for a while now. [Strangely, I still have one tucked back that I CHOSE over a year ago, but that I can now see was never really chosen by God for us to use – even though it’s a great book by a favorite author.] So I was in a book store in the religious / inspirational section the other day [ a few weeks AFTER writing the CC note], just browsing and talking with God about what we might do. And clearly I heard – see if there’s anything by Matthew Turner. Odd. [Very.] Because I’ll admit that I’ve never read any of his books – I know of him because his wife Jessica was a design team member back in the FBP kit days. And okay, I’ve visited his blog a few times and well, honestly, found those few posts I read to be a little different, and hmmm, irreverent for my taste. But I looked – and found this little book, Beatitude: Relearning Jesus through truth, contradiction, and a folded dollar bill – and, seriously – I could not put it down until I’d devoured it completely. So this is it - not only have I found our next book [search it out on Amazon – there’s some good prices out there! Be sure you search for Matthew Paul Turner] but I’ve also found my One Little Word for 2011 – Magic. Or maybe, I should say My One Little Word found me. [And after you read the book you’ll see how, really.] Magic – it conjures up all kinds of impossible possibilities, doesn’t it? God things. During 2011 I want to focus on seeing the magic in life that God so freely gives us in both the little and big things.
What’s your One Little Word for 2011? Your word to ponder, reflect on, and guide you through the next 12 months – need to know more? Go HERE and Go HERE.
But back to Faith Based Pages Classes - grab the book and give it a read – we’ll be using a few chapters for our faithbooking class in February. Yippeeee – it feels good to have inspiration to work with! And I love seeing how God works!

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Thank you for the post to give me the inspiration to look for that one little word. I started looking last year and never found it. Maybe it will find me like it did you!