Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Mission accomplished. After what? A thousand miles of driving? Matt has a new [to him] car. [We drove to Nashville on Tuesday to pick it up-] As always, Craig did an exceptional job finding a great deal and Matt’s ride was upgraded by about ten years. Having his car totaled Right. In. His. Driveway. -was a blessing in disguise.
  2. I cooked our traditional thanksgiving meal on Thursday – green bean and veg-all casseroles, scalloped potatoes, rolls, [Aunt Betty’s] sausage dressing [so – so good,] and we had the turkey from Honey Baked that was bought for Mama’s house, but didn’t quite make it there.
  3. This week I also made a tres leches cake [that looked pitiful, but was eaten anyway] and a dump cake too – at least that one had fruit in it. Ha. [Oh, and I only used half the butter called for-]
  4. We enjoyed a little ‘game time’ with our boys too – just being together and visiting – precious moments, for sure.
  5. The evening before, we were able to pull off another [somewhat] surprise birthday dinner for Craig. At the food court in the mall with family friends we've hung out with for the last 20 years, I think there’s 19 or so when we’re all together– we love that Japanese Stir-Fry. Yummilicious. [I think the boys enjoyed getting it all together too.]
  6. I watched the first and last ten minutes of The Game. I’m just such a football watcher – ha. [Pretty good ending for our household, though.] Hoping we still have it recorded so we can send it to a friend in Japan - [edited: nada.]
  7. But mostly, I did a little Christmas crafting on Friday – first was a little fall plaque that I picked up on sale for a dollar, covered the middle with old book pages, distressed with a little mustard colored paint, and put a vinyl [window] cling on with spray adhesive [‘Believe” to us means – we believe in Jesus.] I used a couple of the other vinyl cling words [Peace and Joy – all on the same sheet for only a $1] with the same technique – but put the book paper in frames [I had already] and the clings on the glass. And one of my favorites – using a flocked wall art cling [$3] in the shape of a Christmas tree on the glass of framed textured wall-paper [left from when we wall-papered our kitchen ceiling – yes, we did. It looks like those old tin tiles.] So fun. I’ll share another photo of them ‘in place’ in just a few days.
  8. We enjoyed seeing Craig’s parents on Saturday to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Please say a little prayer for his sister who was unable to attend due to illness.
  9. And on Sunday we ‘took a day off’ when we heard the ‘Hot Donuts Now’ sign calling our name, ran a couple of errands, did a little garden clean up [planted the Thanksgiving mums too,] then tackled the leaves in our yard – this year the plan is to crunch them up with the lawn mower [I’m not sure we’re winning, but with the amount of leaves we have, we hardly ever do.] Then I sat out by the fire-pit, reading, and enjoying the last [lingering] days of fall while Craig went fishing with a buddy.
  10. Oh, and I walked THREE times this week. After eating like a pig all week long, I thought it was time. Will YOU join me? [And YOU know who you are – lol.]


Gloria L. said...

Yea, the Iron Bowl was a cliff hanger, wasn't it! I'll have to catch the score for Saturday sometime that night, as I'll be at Vintagefest. War Eagle!

craftymom205 said...

Great post. Love the idea of the picture frames and vinyl cling Christmas words and shapes.

Tammy said...

Sounds like you've been really busy! Christmas crafting - I wish I had more time to make some creatations. Put all my Christmas sb products to good use. Love your 10 on Tuesday posts!