Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. On the health front – I [finally went to the doctor and] had an MRI on the leg I injured two years ago; no results yet. And I’ve got some shoulder pain going on [think: hurts when stretching back to the backseat to get something] so I’m doing therapy a few days for the next few weeks to see if that will help.
  2. Spent two days in Montgomery this week – whee. It was two [looooong] days of meetings, but it’s done. And I had time to visit The Farmer’s Market [not the restaurant] while I was there so that was nice --
  3. A few of us ate at Davis’ [hole-in-the-wall soul-food southern restaurant, you wouldn’t want to go there at night] and for the first time it was a little too greasy for me. But I gave rutabagas a try and they were de-lish!
  4. We’re still picking peppers from the garden; and the basil is still good.
  5. Ten-Ten-Ten – the first ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ date that we were NOT together as a family since 01-01-01 [which we celebrated in Disney.] Matt stayed in Auburn, Drew was coming home from the Auburn-Kentucky game and Craig and I had lunch in Guntersville and then meandered around Mentone for the afternoon. [Saw LOTS of artsy projects that gave us ideas for something for that HUGE wall in Drew’s [soon-to-be] new living room.]
  6. I’ve been published again! Yay! This is a little [8.5x11] layout that I did with a photo Kelly took and I shopped up a bit and I [literally] threw it together with leftovers from some of my kits. I love how it turned out and the simple style shows that it really doesn’t take much to pull together a cute page; it’s in the Hobby Lobby Magazine [4th Quarter.]
  7. I’m planning for an all-day crop and have some halloweeny art planned to work on, but as I’ve been gathering supplies together I’m having a hard time resisting getting started! I hope it turns out to be a couple of fun pieces that I can use year-after-year.
  8. The youngsters [lol] in the house across the street [new to the neighborhood] spent a couple of afternoons raking leaves up the hill to the street into nice little piles. I feel bad for them because 1] The great falling of leaves has hardly even begun, and 2] the city has clearly stated that they have no intentions of curbside leaf removal this year as a means to cut the budget. We’re hoping to mulch or burn ours.
  9. Monday was a holiday for us [oddly, Drew had to work, but he didn’t mind so much since he could subtly wear his orange and blue with a little pin that said, “Steve Spurrier is my Home Boy.” – No, he didn’t wear the pin, but he sure had fun talking about it. Ha.]
  10. We ate dinner at Five Guys – and have to say we all think that’s about as close to home-cooked burgers as you can get [and the fries are pretty good too,] Photo taken while sitting outside eating peanuts – love living in our little neck of the woods, nestled in the valley.


LindainNCtoo said...

Enjoyed reading your 10 list. I have never been to Five Guys, but we have Cook Out....it is a NC based restaurant chain that just branched out into SC. The best hamburgers and homemade milkshakes ( the best are banana nut - chunks of banana in it and Reese cups-- chunk of the candybar in it ). Five guys is here, but just never tried them.

Congrats on being published again.

The closest HL is 2 hours away.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I have that issue of the Hobby Lobby magazine and definately remember looking your LO over a couple of times. Can't believe I didn't notice your name! (I have another issue you were published in and actually look for the names most of the time now). I remembered you talking about how it is hard to submit to them because they are carrying less and less paper from other companies. When I look at their paper now, I take notice of that now. It is so fun to say I "know" you! Oh, and I don't think you have ever "thrown a LO together"! Your LOs always seem very well thought out and so meticulous!

You are the scrapbooker I want to be! I don't know what I do with my time when I sit down at my scrap table, but it flies by and not much happens!

Sounds like you had a great week on the restaurant front! Always fun to try new things!