Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Craig enjoyed a night with friends this week – cooking fish, and hanging out playing cards, visiting, and telling fish tales.
  2. I met the youngest for lunch while I was in Montgomery and it was so nice to just be with him. Miss him when he’s away at school…
  3. And of course, as mentioned [on FB] we went to the fair. Somehow, I remember it being a little bigger as a child… but it was still fun! A real fair with exhibits and farm animals [our local fair gave that up a while ago I think, but who would know? – we’ve lived here 20+ years and never attended – ha.]
  4. And despite my crazy stomach, between the six of us, we managed to give the following a try – cotton candy, corn dogs, shaved ice, a fried pie, and pork skins. Not too bad, really, considering the options available - There’s just something about being in the heat and smelling greasy food that makes me so NOT want to eat. Random info - my good friend who grew up way up north had never heard of a fried pie. [She’s lived in The South now for over 20 {30?} years…]
  5. The demolition derby was fun [one of our main reasons for going] – more a man thing, I think. It lasted a little longer than us girls had planned. And we just kept thinking those guys in the cars HAD to be sore the day after.
  6. I was one of the 125,000 people who attended the Beth Moore simulcast on Saturday – it was great to be there with a good friend and so neat to think that many of my blog friends were singing and digging into The Word right along with me in their home towns.
  7. Drew and Matt hung out in Auburn for the weekend. – War Eagle. - Barely.
  8. We celebrated Apple Dumpling Day [the 17th] by having them for dinner – with ice cream. [What? Fruit + milk + carbs & butter doesn’t = balanced?]
  9. I’m reading Radical [thanks Joey] and finding it interesting. I know I’m very opinionated and so, just as I did with Crazy Love and The Shack – I’m writing my own notes in the pages for those who might read it after I pass it on…
  10. And finally – it’s just NOT FALL YET. Our temps are still 15*+ above normal and in the high 90*s here in the middle of September. [But at least the 103*+ are gone…]


LindainNCtoo said...

Love your post.

We stopped attending our state fair back in 1994. We did love to attend the demolition derby and the pigs racing for oreos. My hubby does not like crowds and there was a shooting near we were and have not been back since.

Our fair is always the same thing year after year. I do love certain foods when we did attend.


P.S. Good to see you at Scrappin' Sisters.

craftymom205 said...

I haven't been to the fair since my daughter was young. There just really isn't much to the West Alabama State Fair. Great ten on tuesday.

Jessica said...

I haven't been to our fair in a few years. Mostly because I have no one to stay with mother. But there is the issue of my not being able to walk too far. I have a scooter, but there are such crowds,I'd run over toes! Here we have a real fair with animals and sheep herding and 4H and quilting and jam's or jellies etc etc. But there's also a large section with rides and win a goofy stuffed toy booths. It is still fun. So I think we'll give it a go again.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I love the picture of the pig! They are so ugly they are cute! Hmmm...fried pie? Don't know what it is. Your idea of balanced and mine are very similiar! If the food groups are there, why make it meat and potatoes every night? You really do lead a full, fun life. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Massman said...

We used to go to the state fair all of the time! Seeing your great photos reminds me of those days! Thanks!