Thursday, August 19, 2010

Those who know me well know that I’m not ‘into’ theology. While I may have some peripheral beliefs about theological stuff – my strongest belief is that none of that matters if you have a relationship with Christ. You see, I’m not so much into knowing about God as I am into learning how to know God.

Where do you feel the Lord’s presence the strongest? Is it at church when singing praise songs to Him? Is it when sharing openly and deeply with others of how He carries us through the trials of life? Is it in the silence of your quiet place [wherever that might be]? Or is it when you’re out in the nature He so beautifully crafted for us, His people, to enjoy?

I believe that if we KNOW God – have a relationship with Him, then we will feel His presence in all those areas – and, in a crowded amusement park, rush-hour traffic, and scary [yet majestic] tornado weather. In work meetings, and hospitals, and airplanes with screaming babies.

He is everywhere – and if we know Him, truly have a relationship with Him, then we will feel His presence and share with Him as we go throughout our day-to-day. I love my extended alone time with my Lord – time when I have the luxury to just sit with Him for an hour or more, but I love sharing with Him – recognizing His presence – in the ‘little’ moments throughout the day.


Hope said...

Thank you so much for this reminder! I just read this morning about seeing God in His creation like the songs of the birds. :) I have been pondering something similar as I realize that throughout the day the Lord shows me something to pray for and that He is actually asking me to pray continually about these things and not waiting for my appointed prayer time. Thanks friend! (ps I wanted to let you know that I did finally finish my pages for the July challenge...oh way later than I wanted to but I am SO thrilled with them. Thanks for the inspiration. My friend and I will start scrapping together again soon and I am hoping that will help me find some more scrap time!) Hugs, Hope

craftymom205 said...

Thanks you for your words of wisdom. What a great reminder.

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

This picture is very peaceful looking. Reminds me of the song "I Walk in The Garden Alone" - a song I think is so beautiful and thought provoking.

Thank you for all of the great stuff you share!