Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. It’s been one looooong week with Craig gone for nine days.
  2. He had a wonderful time fishing Lake Erie with friends and his dad. It was good week to just ‘get-a-way-from-it-all.’
  3. I cooked three days, well, maybe two, I’m not sure now – I really do enjoy cooking with my boys. “My” meaning any of them who happen to be in the house at the time – and they seem to take my instruction well.
  4. Lots of rain this week so no watering of the garden needed. Nice.
  5. I had a little bout of food poisoning – not so fun as it happened right before the crafty weekend I had planned. [Reminded me of CKU last year when I had a terrible bout of food poisoning that lasted the entire time.]
  6. But I’ve since become a believer in Gatorade [G2] - so after four [64 oz each] on Friday I was good to go – I even ate two meals on Saturday.
  7. I crafted with one of my favorite designers Friday evening and Saturday – I really do enjoy taking classes where I can try new things [like her iron-ons and paint techniques] to see if I might use them again. It’s just fun being with other gals who enjoy playing and learning new artsy stuff together.
  8. I read three more ‘books’ this week – nice and quick – I can usually read a full paper back in a couple of days.
  9. And photoshopped a fun photo for the challenge over at Life Preserver’s – oh the things we, as crazy scrapbookers, will do for a challenge! And apologies to Cousin John – I’m not the best at working with PEOPLE so I’m sourcing your little request out to the college kids – and awaiting their magic.
  10. And finally, I talked some more about the walking routine – admired those who do, but still didn’t do it myself. What’s up with THAT?

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