Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Regular summer-time stuff this week – watering plants [both], being bitten by mosquitoes [me] and eating watermelon [not me.]
  2. I don’t know what’s up with our garden – there just doesn’t seem to be enough nourishment in the soil – so now I’m on the look-out for rabbit poop – I believe it’s the best free fertilizer around. [Photo taken from upstairs window -]
  3. Update – the wild plant that landed in our front yard and was transplanted to the far back is alive and well – I thought I’d killed it, but it now has two more leafy fronds on it – photos to come! And I have some renegade Rose of Sharon over on the side – I’ve always wanted this plant so Craig and I cleared around it and it’s got plenty of room to flourish as well.
  4. Love my compost pile but I’m not strong enough [or just don’t have the inclination] to ‘turn’ it as often as needed. Although I’m sure there’s some black-gold goodness on the bottom by now - So we’re also looking for a barrel composter – available locally, and less than the one at the new Earth Faire Store. We’ve found one in stock and now I need to compare the size to another one I know about before purchasing.
  5. I picked up a couple of paper back Readers’ Digest Condensed Books [only they aren’t called that anymore – it’s ‘select editions’ now] and have enjoyed some shortened versions of several great books. – It brought back memories of the books Mama used to get in the mail each month. I've read four 'books' since Friday, what's up with THAT?!
  6. My sunflowers are gorgeous – and I’m enjoying a pitcher full of them at work – but they’re sprinkling pollen everywhere
  7. Have had some interest in a couple of my scrapbook submissions, but no requests yet. I LOVE Hobby Lobby – it really is my ‘local scrapbook store’ – but one of the problems is that they’re carrying less and less of brand name papers. And I’m scrapping almost exclusively from the kits I get each month, making it difficult to be published in their magazine since they now only want products from their store showcased [which is totally understandable to me.]
  8. I enjoyed some scrappy time all day Saturday – so fun to have a local group that I enjoy laughing and talking with all day long. And I got nine pages done – not a ‘record’ but a good accomplishment. And I did another on Sunday for an LP challenge.
  9. Matt had a friend visit for a couple of days – it’s nice to have the play room where they can spread out and have fun.
  10. And while Drew is still enjoying the jeep [so much] Matt is equally enjoying his new [bongo-type] drum that was delivered to the house at the end of the week. And it’s pretty neat to hear him drumming again.

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craftymom205 said...

Another great Ten on Tuesday. Love the sunflowers.