Thursday, July 15, 2010

IMO & Comments on Comments

In My Opinion - Soon after the article about the puppy [see my rant, last month] ran in our local paper there was one about this group called ‘Friends of Rabbits’ holding a yard sale to raise funds for all the rescued rabbits they had. My first thought was, ‘I used to have an uncle who raised rabbits – TO EAT – and he’d sure love to be in on THIS rescue group – ha. [Wonder if they’d let him be a member?] IMO – rabbits propagate so fast that there’s really no need to be saving them. But, I’ll admit, I have contacted them about getting some poop for my garden… - hope they don't read my blog -

Next up: The lady in her 90s that had her dead husband and sister dug up and kept them in her house. Heard of this? Seriously some where up north – these stories fascinate and Craig and me – he calls them ‘keepers’

[This photo was taken in the security area as we were loading for a cruise - I know, I know NOT ALLOWED, but I couldn't resist this shirt - and I'm pretty sure he thinking he's a different kind of keeper than I'm talking about here -]

But she’s not a keeper in the true definition either because she allowed them to be buried [true keepers keep the bodies in the house, often still serving them meals (‘They just won’t eat’) or stepping over them after they’ve fallen in the floor (“I told her to get up –“) after they’ve died.] This lady apparently had some claustrophobia and loneliness issues and just wanted them with her – they were embalmed – afterall. So the local LEA has said she can have them back if she builds a crypt to keep them in. And IMO – that’s’ a good deal. Don’t believe me? Google it –

And finally the people [EVERYWHERE] who do not take responsibility for their actions – someone could do a whole series of blog posts on these people. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves, really – how young people are being raised this way – for example a recent letter to the editor in one of our favorite small town newspapers - Granny writes in that grandson, age 12 or 14, I think, was 'falsely accused' of looking at ‘unauthorized’ sites on a community computer [library, boys’ club, etc] and that he’d left the computer that afternoon without logging out, and she said someone should really do something about those computers down there – Naw, nope – IMO, Grandma, someone should tell Junior to take responsibility for his internet practices and to LOG OFF when he leaves a public computer… - so, what do y’all think?

Comments on comments: You guys are great to take the time to read my blog, I really do love the comments! Thanks for the comments on the fourth of July layout - that's my little niece and I snapped that picture on a whim at a wedding last fall [picniked it up of course]. I love that photo and I really love another layout I've done with it - but the thing is - the more I look at this layout on the blog - the more I can see why it wasn't picked up for publication - it's just crazy busy with pattern and needs a LOT more 'white space' of maybe blue or red [IMO - ha.] Nana - email me and we'll start the walking thing together if you want! And gotta say again that 'letting go' is one of the hardest things we do as parents - but at the same time I've always said I sure don't want a 40 year old man living with me when I'm in my 70s - I've seen too much of that craziness in my work in Adult Protective Services.

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LindainNCtoo said...

I saw that story..........creepy. I love your blog post on this.