Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. So happy that much of our house is clutter free! At the moment anyway – took a load to Goodwill and we’re still loving Jack [our little robot vacuum.]
  2. Craig and I took a moment [or two] to drive around Decatur and enjoy the dragonfly display – I so enjoy these community art projects [I’ve seen cows, butterflies, etc. in different cities…]
  3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – not something anyone wants to discuss, but I’ve come to accept that this is probably a true diagnosis. Good thing: it can’t kill you. Bad thing: when you have a spasm that leaves you hurting for days you surely believe it might. Ha.
  4. So, I’m giving up coffee in an effort to reduce caffeine and severely limiting greasy stuff – and somehow, drinking a G2 Gatorade daily has helped tremendously. And I know you all really wanted to hear about THAT, but it’s a part of MY day-to-day so it needs to be included.
  5. During the weekend of Inspired! I was more than a little bummed that I had not planned to attend this year so I’ve been searching for some creative opportunities and am happy to say that I have some fun things planned these next few months – no big trips for me - but fun nonetheless. Please let me know if you plan to attend any of the following: GiGi’s 6th Anniversary Crop, Donna Downey @ EMI Scrapbooking, or Debby Schuh @ Sweet Memories – I’d love to meet you there!
  6. I so enjoy smelling the magnolias as I walk into work each morning since the walkway from my garage is on the same level as the blooms outside my office.
  7. Got a ped-egg a few weeks ago and let’s just say I was overly aggressive one afternoon and was left with a cut that turned into a nasty wound, Neosporin and a big fat [SpongeBob] band aide to the rescue! All is well now.
  8. Loved having lunch with Craig in our downtown park one day this week. Such a nice little place right in the middle of our office buildings.
  9. Our microwave burned up a few days ago & then we had a little fire in the oven [from that drippy pioneer woman pound cake all over the bottom.] Going without a microwave for a few days helped us realize that it really does get daily use. And yes, we’re so happy the oven is still good.
  10. And finally, we got up EARleeee to get over to Decatur to see the balloons Saturday morning. And while there was no hare and hound, we still saw some inflate so we got our balloon ‘fix’ for another year. And had a good long weekend overall.


Omaloriann said...

Great post as usual - I totally relate to the IBS thingy - no fun - am going through it right now :( TMI, sorry, what does the gatorade do for it? How does it help, don't care for it, but hey, if it helps - beam me up scotty! LOL I won't be going to those events you posted, but am going to our Saturday crop here in Huntsville this Saturday - wish you could join us sometime :)

craftymom205 said...

Great post. The hot air balloons were in Tuscaloosa May the 22nd. Didn't see them this year but saw them last year. Great family thing to do. I live too far away for any of the crops you mentioned but have fun.